Virtual Examination Time Table

Faculty Sciences and Law Virtual Exam Time Table


Day Date(Day Month) 8am - 11am 11am - 2pm 2pm - 5pm
1 Monday, 20 July 2020 BIO201 Genetics I BIO101 General Biology I BIO212 Helminthology
BIO218 General Biochemistry Laboratory 11 BIO301 Genetic II BIO303 General Cytology
BIO314 Animal Behaviour BIO320 Microbial Ecology BIO403 Populaton Genetics
BIO413 Developmental Biology BIO412 Wildlife Ecology and Conservation CHM191 Introductory Practical Chemistry I
CHM301 Physical Chemistry IIi CHM302 Polymer Chemistry CHM316 Industrial Chemical Technology I
CHM318 Natural Product Chemistry I CHM315 Carbohydratechemistry CHM391 Practical   Chemistry   V-   Inorga
CIT202 Applications of Computer In Busines CIT143 Introductory to Data Organisation A CIT204 Computer Appreciation and Applicati
CIT303 Principles of Communication Technol CIT305 Networking and Communication Techno CIT309 Computer Architecture
CIT415 Introduction to E-commerce CIT412 Modelling and Simulation CIT484 Website Design and Programming
CLL203 Co-operative Legislation CLL534 Company Law and Business Associatio CLL305 Banking Laws & Regulations
EMT300 Environment Ecosystem and Management DAM461 Statistical Database Systems DAM364 Management Information System (mis)
ESM102 The Nigerian Environment EMT301 Principles Of Natural Resources Mananagement ESM104 Introduction to Environmenatal Scie
ESM216 Water Resource Evaluation ESM222 Water Resource Evaluation ESM221 Ecotourism
ESM392 Remote Sensing ESM328 Biodiversity Conservation ESM403 Environmental Perception
ESM405 Environmental Protection Agencies: ESM341 Introduction  to  Instrumentation ESM444 Industrial Wastes and Industrial Wa
JIL100 Introduction to Law GST202 Fundamentals of Peace Studies and C GST203 Introduction to Philosophy and Logi
JIL531 Maritime Law I MTH281 Mathematical Method I JIL516 Jurisprudence and Legal Theory II
MTH311 Calculus of Several Variables MTH309 Optimisation Theory MTH312 Abstract Algebra II
PHY102 Electricity Magnetism and Modern Ph PHY291 Physics Laboratory 1 MTH411 Measure Theory and Integration
PPL344 Family Law II PUL241 Human Rights Law I PUL243 Constitutional Law I
PPL423 Equity and Trust I PUL443 Administrative Law I STT102 Introductory Statistics
2 Tuesday, 21 July 2020 BIO102 General Biology II BIO203 General Physiology 1 BIO204 Biological Techniques
BIO213 Chemistry of Amino Acids and Protei BIO220 Fisheries and Wildlife BIO304 General Ecology
BIO318 Immunology and Immunochemistry BIO404 Systematic Biology BIO405 Hydrobiology
BIO415 Virology and Tissue Culture CHM103 Introduction to Physical Chemistry CHM203 Organic Chemistry II
CHM202 Analyticalchemistry I CHM292 Practical Chemistry Iv - Physical A CHM305 Organic Chemistryiii
CHM303 Inorganic Chemistry IIi CHM304 Colour Chemistry and Technology CHM414 Photochemistry and Pericyclic React
CIT351 C# Programming  CIT211 Introduction to Operating Systems CIT212 Systems Analysis and Design
CIT478 Artificial Intelligence CIT353 Introduction to Human-computer Inte CIT371 Introduction to Computer Graphics &
CLL231 Labour Law 1 CLL533 Company Law and Business Associatio CLL332 Commercial Transaction II
CLL232 Labour Law II DAM382 Information Systems Management EMT311 REMOTE SENSING AND MAPPING TECHNIQU
ESM204 Environmental Hazards and Disaster ESM106 Environmental Resource Management ESM206 Community Participation In Environm
ESM311 Noise and Air Pollution ESM407 Geographical Information Systems ESM342 Environmental Impact Assessment and
ESM421 Elements of Land Surveying GST102 Use of English and Communications S ESM411 Population Environment and Developm
GST101 Use of English and Communications S JIL111 LEGAL METHODS I GST204 Entrepreneurship and Innovation
JIL515 Jurisprudence & Legal Theory I JIL112 LEGAL METHODS II JIL532 Maritime Law II
MTH106 Mathematics For Management Sciences MTH101 Elementary Mathematics I MTH211 Abstract Algebra I
MTH251 Mechanics MTH282 Mathematical Methods II MTH302 Elementary Differential Equations I
MTH382 Mathematical Methods Iv MTH412 Functional Analysis II MTH417 Electromagnetic Theory
PHY261 Geophysics I PHY101 Elementary Mechanics Heat andprope PHY207 Thermodynamics
PHY314 Numerical Computations PHY208 Network Analysis and Devises PHY313 Mathematical Methods For Physics I
PHY457 Environmental Physics PPL324 Law of torts II PPL436 Law of Intellectual Property II
PPL343 Family Law I PPL518 Alternative Dispute Resolution II PPL521 Legal Drafting and Conveyancing Law
3 ################## BIO211 Coelomate Invertebrates BIO206 Statistics For Agriculture and Biol BIO191 General Biology Practical I
BIO216 Chemistry of Carbohydrates, Lipids BIO209 Chordates BIO205 Introductory Developmental Cell Bio
BIO306 General Physiology II BIO305 Molecular Biology BIO406 Parasitology& Immunology
CHM306 Instrumental Methodsof Analysis CHM102 Introductory Organic Chemistry I CHM311 Petroleum Chemistry
CHM307 Atomic andmolecular Structureand CHM309 Organic Spectroscopy CHM409 Electrochemitry
CHM413 Analyticalchemistry II CHM408 Polymer Chemistryii CHM426 Chemistry oflanthanides andactini
CHM424 Non Aqueous Solvents CIT104 Introduction to Computers CIT236 Analog and Digital Electronics
CIT213 Elementary Data Processing CIT215 Introduction to Programming Languag CIT341 Data Structures
CIT311 Computer Networks CIT333 Software Engineering I * CIT461 Internet Architecture and Communica
CIT322 Introduction to Internet Programmin CIT445 Principles and Techniques of Comput CLL431 Law of Banking and Insurance I
CIT463 Introduction  to Multimedia Technol CLL233 Law of Contract I EMT304 HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCE MANAGEMENT
ESM211 Global Environmental Issues ESM212 Tropical Climatology ESM236 Environmental Microbiology
ESM322 Water and Waste Water  Management ESM324 Urban Environmental Management ESM345 Applied Climatology
GST103 Computer Fundamentals GST107 A STUDY GUIDE FOR DISTANCE LEARNER GST302 Business Creation and Growth
JIL211 Nigerian Legal System I JIL212 Nigerian Legal System II JIL513 Conflict of Laws I
MTH103 Elementary Mathematics IIi MTH102 Elementary Mathematics II JIL514 Conflict of Laws II
MTH210 Introduction to Complex Analysis MTH212 Linear Algebra II MTH213 Numerical Analysis I
MTH422 Partial Defferential Equation MTH341 Real Analysis MTH421 Ordinary Differential Equation
PHY103 Geometrics andwave Optics MTH423 Integral Equation PHY192 Introductory Practical Physics II
PHY204 Electromagnetism PHY205 Introduction to Space Physics PHY206 Optics I
PHY301 Classical Mechanics PHY306 Optics II PHY303 Special Relativity
PPL522 Legal Drafting and Conveyancing Law PPL422 Land Law II PUL244 Constitutional Law II
PUL411 Oil and Gas Law I STT206 Statistics For Management Sciences STT311 Probability Distribution II
PUL337 Public Administrative Law        
4 ################## BIO217 General Microbiology BIO207 Lower In Vertebrates BIO192 General Biology Practical II
BIO310 Protozoology BIO214 Structure and Functions of Major Ce BIO208 Seedless Plants
BIO313 Animal Ecology BIO307 Evolution BIO215 General Biochemistry Laboratory 1
BIO414 Applied Entomology BIO408 Soil Ecology BIO308 Biogeography
CHM204 Structure andbonding CHM106 Introductory General Chemistry BIO410 Fisheries & Aquaculture
CHM312 Industrial Chemical Processes I CHM314 Environmental Chemistry BIO411 Parasitology
CHM402 Theory ofmolecularspectroscopy CHM405 Chemical Thermodynamics CHM406 Nuclear and Radio-chemistry
CHM451 Fats and Oils (been Developed) CHM423 Coordinationchemistry CHM407 Reaction Kinetics
CIT237 Programming & Algorithms CIT102 Software Application Skills CIT292 Computer Laboratory I
CIT246 Introduction to Computer Organisati CIT381 File Processing and Management CIT383 Introduction to Object-oriented Pro
CIT342 Formal Languages and Automata Theor CIT465 Network Administration CIT467 Visual Programming and Applications
DAM301 Data Mining and Data Warehousing EMT308 ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECTS OF PESTICIDES CLL432 Law of Banking and Insurance II
ESM238 Air Photo Interpretation ESM234 Soil Resources EMT309 ENVIRONMENTAL GEOSCIENCES
ESM343 Climate Change and Environment ESM426 Biogeography ESM428 Ecology of Natural Resources
JIL511 Principles of Public International JIL447 Legal Research Methodology I GST201 Nigerian People and Culture
MTH381 Mathematical Methods IIi MTH308 Introduction to Mathematical Modell MTH241 Introduction to Real Analysis
MTH401 General topology I MTH402 General topology II MTH304 Complex Analysis I
PHY201 Classical Mechanics I PHY202 Modern Physics I MTH305 Complex Analysis II
PHY307 Solid State Physics I PHY309 Quantum Mechanics I PHY191 Introductory Practical Physics I
PHY405 Electronics IIi PHY406 Optics IIi PHY308 Electronics 1
PPL424 Equity and Trust II PHY407 Solid State Physics II PHY391 Physics Laboratory II
PPL435 Law of Intellectual Property I PPL517 Alternative Dispute Resolution I PHY404 Electrodynamics II
PUL321 Enviromental Law I PUL341 Criminal Law I PUL322 Environmental Law II
STT211 Probaility Distribution I PUL444 Administrative Law II PUL433 Law of Taxation I
5 Friday, 24 July 2020 BIO210 Seed Plants BIO311 Mycology BIO309 Plant Breeding
BIO402 Cytogenetics of Plants BIO316 Introduction to Bioinformatics CHM291 Practical Chemistry IIi- Inorganic
BIO407 Basic Entomology BIO416 Industrial Microbiology CHM416 Organic Synthesis
CHM101 Introductory Inorganic Chemistry I CHM192 Introductory Practical Chemistry II CHM422 Natural Products Chemistry II
CHM201 Physical Chemistry II CHM205 Inorganic Chemistry II CHM421 Heterocyclicchemistry
CHM417 Industrialchemistry Processii CHM415 Industrial Chemical Technology II CIT132 Programming In Basic
CIT208 Information Systems CIT432 Software Engineering II CIT344 Introduction to Computer Design
CIT392 Computer Laboratory II CIT427 Database Systems and Management CIT411 Microcomputers and Microprocessors
CIT425 Operations Research CLL307 Commercial Law CLL331 Commercial Transaction I
CIT474 Introduction to Expert Systems DAM363 Economic Statistics CLL234 Law of Contract II
EMT307 ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION STUDIES DAM344 Semantic Data Modelling ESM112 Introductory Ecology
ESM301 Introduction to Peace and Conflict ESM231 Introductory toxicology ESM304 Research Methods and Field Trip
ESM308 Rural Development Strategies ESM306 Environmental Politics ESM317 Land and Water Pollution
ESM422 Resource Evaluation ESM423 Hydrology and Water Resources ESM431 Environmental Health and Safety
GST104 Use of Library GST105 History and Philosophy of Science ESM424 Fresh Water Ecology
JIL512 Principles of Public International MTH232 Elementary Differential Equation 1 MTH105 Mathematics For Management Sciences
MTH307 Numerical Analysis II MTH301 Functional Analysis I MTH303 Vector and Tensor Analysis
PHY310 Electronics II PHY311 Kinetic Theory and Statistical Mec PHY203 Oscilations and Waves
PHY361 Geophysics II PHY362 Workshop Practice PHY312 Mathematical Methods For Physics 1
PHY456 Nuclear Reactor Physics PHY401 Elementary Particle Physics PHY402 Nuclear Physics
PHY492 Laboratory Physics IIi PPL421 Land Law I PHY461 Geophysics IIi
PPL323 Law of torts I PUL242 Human Rights Law II PUL342 Criminal Law II
PUL434 Law of Taxation II PUL303 Environmental Laws and Policies PUL412 Oil and Gas Law II
STT205 Statistics For Management Sciences PUL446 Law of Evidence II PUL445 Law of Evidence I